About Us

Avid collectors of the VHS format – for both nostalgic and fiscal reasons – we have accumulated, shed and gained-back a whole mass of classic VHS tapes that we hope to share with you via Cult Movie Compendium. Whether it’s a genuine “lost gem” of cinema, left a-languishing on the VHS format forever more, or an earnest-in-intention flick that’s so bad it’s good – we hope we have something here to keep you entertained, whatever your tastes.

We have two people working on the site, keep reading to find out more…

Noah Winston


Princess Old Lady

By all accounts born at the wrong time, Princess Old Lady’s cinematic desires lie-not in the bloodshed and gore of horror, nor does she particularly pine for the schmaltz and sass of the era in which she grew-up (1980’s) – however, that being said, she is a lady of varying tastes. The dreary-greyness of a 1970’s kitchen sink drama will light a socio-political fire within her soul, obscure documentaries about life and love will maketh her emotional cup runneth over and the wild, psychedelic meanderings of Asian cinema will remind her that’s there’s more to life THAN THIS.

Princess Old Lady loves to scour Netflix and Amazon for obscure films about relationships, love, life and most importantly: the apocalypse. Once fervent in her search for cheap import Asian DVDs in the past, she has a colourful and magical side that desires to indulge in the imagination of the East. Yet, suggest a bona fide film about the end of the world, and she’s just as delighted.

Princess Old Lady’s Top 5 Cult Movie Subject-Matters

The Apocalypse

Talking Animals

Tales of Over-Coming Adversity

Harrowing Life/Death-Stories

Robots, Androids, Humanoids, Anthropomorphism et al.






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